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turtle_goto {TurtleGraphics}R Documentation

Set the Turtle's Position and Direction


turtle_goto and turtle_setpos move the Turtle to a given location without changing its direction.

turtle_setangle rotates the Turtle to a given (absolute) angle, where 0 denotes a north-facing Turtle.


turtle_goto(x, y)

turtle_setpos(x, y)




numeric; coordinates specifying new Turtle's location.


numeric; rotation angle in degrees.


The terrarium must be initialized prior to using these functions, see turtle_init.

If the given location (x, y) lies outside the terrarium, the behavior of these functions depends on the mode argument in turtle_init.

turtle_goto may draw the path between the current Turtle's position and the new location. Its behavior depends on the current plot settings, see turtle_up, turtle_down. In case of turtle_setpos, however, the path drawing is always disabled.

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